Top Tips to know before buying an Investment Property

Recently, many Australian home owners are beginning to invest in the property market; in fact, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) confirmed that one in seven Australians own one or more investment properties. Even though the property market has dramatically slowed down a bit, it didn’t affect the number of Australians that are willing to invest in residential properties.

Many smart property investors in Aus know that there is a time and place to invest in residential property. The property market has recently experienced a slump but is gradually showing good signs of recovery as local and central governments continue to encourage investors back into the market using various incentives.

The Best Time to buy a property:

Trust me; this is the best time to start thinking and searching to acquire an investment property. Why? Because when you buy at the bottom of the market and follow the recovery curve upwards to the top of the market, you will gain a significant capital growth provided you buy from the right source.

You can achieve significant capital growth by applying very effective strategy.

There are so many building and finance companies that are prepared to freely show investors how they can easily get into their first, second or third investment property with a clever finance structure using  equity and taking advantage of  incentives, concessions and rebates from the government. But first the home owner must meet some basic requirements.

The 3 Basic Requirements Include:

  1. The property investor must a combined or single taxable income of $80-$90k or more
  2. The Property investor must be under 60years old and still have at least 5 working years or more in the workforce
  3. The Property investor must have at least $120k equity at their home.

Once these 3 requirements are met, the property investor would now be in a better position to enjoy full advantage of any government incentives, concessions and rebates available.

Most of these companies understand that Australian home and business owners are often too busy working for a living that they rarely find the time to learn about how to successfully buy a residential investment property.

They barely even know about the tax benefits that are received by simply acquiring one or more properties which can save them some thousands in taxes and interest dollars on a mortgage over a 10 year period.



Education is the key:

An average home owner may not understand that they can create more wealth by investing in assets that have the potential to generate considerable profits and capital growth over time without wasting much of their time or physical effort.

Also, a working class Aussie has the mindset that there is only one way to make money and that’s by offering your time and services in exchange for a good hourly rate of pay. Many of them do not think there could be any other way to make money.

That is why education remains the key, and companies that are in this industry are eager to teach home owners and investors how they can easily do this and show them how it can guarantee their financial future and security.

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