The PIC Group Story

Property Investment Coordinators Pty Ltd (P.I.C) was founded in 1993 by Craig Wilson CEO, and since then the Group has evolved to meet the ongoing needs of a changing world.

The PIC Group has helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life achieve financial independence through innovative and secure wealth creation strategies in the property market.

Our business has evolved through trust and congruency, so we now primarily work only by endorsement from our Affiliate network of Accountancy Firms and Financial Professionals.

Since 1995 we have developed the PIC “W.I.I.F.E Philosophy ©”

This “What’s In It ForEverybody’ philosophy embodies our culture which insists that for us all to win, nobody has to lose.

We are the preferred Property Supplier for Financial Industry Professionals because…

  • We have a long history in a “Coordination Capacity” to protect clients and affiliates’ reputations

  • We are independent, don’t have our own stock, so we can focus on only the best options

  • We choose property designs that maximise high rental yield to focus on “Postive Cash Flow” NOT “Negative Gearing”

  • We choose areas with strong but safe capital growth

  • We choose areas that legally allow our high yield dual occupancy projects

  • We choose properties with broad spectrum rental attributes

  • We choose properties with broad spectrum re-sale attributes

  • We choose properties that meet valuation using independent valuers

  • We support clients to achieve comfort via education.