10 Things Successful People Do Everyday

Being the beginning of the year it is a great excuse to start a-fresh and look towards what you can achieve.

Why not make this the BEST year yet!

I hear about how successful everyday people are and it got me thinking – Do they do anything different in their daily or weekly routine?

Do they put money in a private back up place for emergencies?  Do they do a random sporting activity in the evenings?  Are their offices Feng Shui perfect?  Do they work back late every night, and are the first in the office the next day?

After talking with a few people & clients that I class successful – it actually wasn’t anything too out of the box.

But to be honest – why not keep it simple?

So.. Here are my list 10 things I found that successful people do.

  1. Check it off.

It might seem simple, but never underestimate the power of a to-do list. Checking off tasks is a great way to keep track of all of the little things you want to accomplish in a day.

I start each day going to my book, and writing Monday 4th January, and then do the next day so I can also keep track of each day’s priorities.

  1. Have a filing system.

If you work on a computer, I highly recommend having a special system for the way you name your files and folders. Whether it’s by content or date, pick an organizational structure that will make them easy to find later on.

  1. Watch the clock.

Be on time! Whether it’s for an important meeting or even a casual lunch with friends, being punctual is a sign of respect. It’s also a good habit to make for every area of your life.

  1. Be kind.

Some people think you have to be the devil in The Devil Wears Prada, or Gordon Ramseyto rise to the top. But I beg to differ. The most successful people in my life have all gotten where they are by being kind and supporting each other.

  1. Make friends.

The most successful people I know actually aren’t the ones who stay tied to their desks 24/7. They’re the ones who take time out for happy hour with an industry colleague or a coffee break with coworkers. It’s OK to leave your work for a few minutes to chat. You’ll make important connections and probably feel even more inspired when you get back to your desk.

  1. Treat your body right.

If you want your mind to function properly taking care of your body is key. So take the time to exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep! Your work will suffer if you don’t.

  1. Make your bed.

Yes, I am sure that there are lots of successful people out there with unmade beds. But my point is that a clean space makes for a clear mind. So maybe for you a clean space doesn’t mean making your bed everyday – But doing something to tidy up like cleaning the kitchen or organizing your desk will make a difference.

  1. Make time for numero-uno.

This might seem counterintuitive to a lot of people, but if you want to be successful, I think it’s also important to do something that isn’t tied to your work every day. Get a massage, hang out with friends, or find a hobby you enjoy. Being well-rounded and taking time to relax will serve you well and keep you energized and inspired.

  1. Keep learning.

The most successful people that I know make a point to learn something new on a daily basis. Whether that’s soaking up information while paging through an issue of Business Review Weekly, taking seminars, or attending conferences, make sure to always learn new skills and stay on top of your industry.

  1. Set measurable goals.

Goal setting is so important. Think in the long term, but make your goals are specific as possible and revisit them every day. Create a vision board or a list and keep it where you will see it every morning. Dream big and you will achieve big things.

I hope that maybe reading these you picked up one or two things you can incorporate into your day 🙂

Remember: Your Success Is Our Success – The PiC Group

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